How do i prune a hazelnut bush?

Pruning during the winter (the dormant season) will cause the most vigorous growth of the. The earthworm is the most economically important insect pest in the production of hazelnuts in Oregon. The most important thing to keep hazelnuts for an extended period is to ensure that they ripen on the tree until they are ready. The BMSB feeds on hazelnuts, and this publication helps producers and explorers learn to recognize the damage of BMSB in hazelnuts.

Hazelnuts are ready to be harvested when the fruit breaks off the branch and falls to the ground. Although the hazelnuts themselves are the main attraction of this large shrub, it also has a strong ornamental value thanks to its delicate and colorful leaves. Producers, commodity group representatives, pest control advisors, processors, university specialists and other technical experts from the Oregon and Washington hazelnut industry developed this plan, which outlines today's major pests. A fungal disease of hazelnut canker that threatens production in Oregon, but can be controlled by pruning, fungicides and resistant cultivars.

It is also possible to eat hazelnuts when they are still green, but they must be eaten immediately because they are not preserved at all.